LeBron Breaks another MJ’s Record: Is the King the Real GOAT?

LeBron James finally did it, he outscored the greatest of all time! Or should we say the former greatest of all time?

A few days ago, L.A. Lakers beat Atlanta 107:106, in a game in which the spotlight was on LeBron James. Not only was he the hero of the game, helping Lakers to get a win, but he achieved a personal milestone – he finally surpassed Michael Jordan by the numbers of points scored in the NBA (counting both the regular season games and playoffs).

LeBron James #23 of the Los Angeles Lakers

In his nearly two decades long career, Michael Jordan scored a total of 38,279. As of this weekend, LeBron James has scored more. The current number is 38,292 points and still counting.

But Does This Means He’s the GOAT?

The main argument that Jordan fans use to prove he’s still the GOAT is that he has a better score in terms of number of points per game. He scored his 38k+ points playing 144 matches fewer than LeBron James. When you do the math, you see that the average number of points per game is 30.1 in the case of Michael Jordan, while LeBron’s score is 3 points below.

This is just one of many points of dispute between the two basketball tribes. Other stats that still cause the division between the two include the following:

  • Number of NBA Championships: Michael Jordan (6) – LeBron James (3)
  • Number of Playoffs played: LeBron James (13) – Michael Jordan (13)
  • Number of All-Star Games played: LeBron James (14) – Michael Jordan (14)
  • Season MVP Awards: Michael Jordan (5) – LeBron James (4)
  • Finals MVP Awards: Michael Jordan (6) – LeBron James (3)
  • All NBA First Team Selections: LeBron James (14) – Michael Jordan (10)

What Does the Future Hold?

As you can see, Jordan still does beat LeBron in some of these stats, but don’t forget that the King is still playing. So, if he’s still not the GOAT, he has a few more years to prove everyone otherwise. Born on December 30, 1984, LeBron is still in his early thirties and judging by his current form and physical prowess, we should keep on seeing him in action for at least a couple of years.

And if he decides to follow the footsteps of MJ, LeBron is gonna retire at the age of 40. Yes, MJ ended his career in 2003, although that was his second retirement. The first one happened in the mid-nineties when he decided to give baseball a go.

Unlike MJ, the King never had any other sporting aspirations apart from basketball. But, in the same manner as MJ, he did venture in many businesses. Still, it seems that he’s far from being the money-making master as his rival. Michael Jordan is thought to be the world’s wealthiest athlete, with his worth being somewhere around 1.4 billion dollars.

Unfortunately for MJ’s fans, even with so much money on his bank account, he still is not the richest athlete of all times. That spot is taken by the ancient Greek superstar Gaius Appuleius Diocles whose career of a charioteer earned him an equivalent of 15 billion dollars in today’s money. But unlike Diocles who’s been dead for almost two thousand years, MJ is still very much alive and ready to go up on that list.

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