2018 Formula One Season Recap

The Formula 1 season ends officially on November, 25 with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, but we already know the winner. For the fifth time in the last six seasons, the champion driver is Lewis Hamilton. And for the sixth time in a row, the Constructors’ Championship title goes to Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and Mercedes GP celebrates on the podium during the Formula One Grand Prix of Brazil

No surprises there, but there were some interesting events this season that will remain in the memory of Formula One fans. Let’s talk about some of them!

Australian Grand Prix (Melbourne)

The first race of the season saw Lewis Hamilton losing to Sebastian Vettel, even though he had the pole position and was ahead the German throughout the race. So, what happened? Well, to answer that, we need to go back to 2014 when Marussia driver Jules Bianchi died in a tragic crash during the Japanese Grand Prix. After the accident, new rules and technologies were implemented, such as the Virtual Safety Car (VSC).

So, how did this affect the outcome of the Melbourne race? Well, once Romain Grosjean’s Haas was hit during the race, it triggered the VSC system. And according to the new rules, when the VSC is on, a speed reduction needs to happen in the so-called slow zone. And that’s something that Sebastian Vettel used to his favor, to catch up with and eventually beat Lewis Hamilton to the finish.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Vettel won the first two races of the season, but the third one was one by Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo. Lewis Hamilton’s first win of the season happened in Azerbaijan, when he finished the race around the city of Baku ahead of everyone rest.

Monaco Grand Prix

By May, 27, Lewis Hamilton already had a comfortable lead ahead of his opponents. But, Monaco Grand Prix was won by Ricciardo, who came ahead Vettel and Hamilton, respectively. Apart from closing in on Hamilton, this race will stay in Ricciardo’s memory also for the fact that he won it despite having a lot of problems with his car.

Austrian Grand Prix

This race was a true disaster for Mercedes, as two of its cars broke down, including Lewis Hamilton’s vehicle. Not being able to finish the race, Hamilton dropped down on the list and his biggest rival from Ferrari took the lead of the championship. We’re talking, of course, about Sebastian Vettel.

British Grand Prix

Before the race at his home, Hamilton had one point less than Vettel. But, this was the race when he overtook him.

German Grand Prix

This time, it was Vettel who was driving on home turf and many thought it was the time for him to take back the leading position. But, a tiny mistake made happened and Vettel crashed his car. He was alight physically, but his emotions probably suffered, as Hamilton won the German Grand Prix.

Italian Grand Prix

This was probably the most exciting race of the entire season. Even before the race started, we saw some major excitements, the most important one being that Kimi Raikkonen broke the record for the fastest-ever pole position in Formula 1 history. And in the first lap of the race, we saw an incident in which Hamilton damaged Vettel’s car, the result of which was that the German ended at the fourth place.

Still, the biggest excitements happened near the finish line, when Hamilton and Raikkonen raced for the win. The Finish driver had the lead up to the lap 45 when Hamilton overtook him, before eventually winning the race.

Mexican Grand Prix

On October, 28, Mexican Grand Prix was held, in which Lewis Hamilton finished on the fourth place. It may sound not good enough for his standards, but that was enough for him to claim his fifth title of Formula One Drivers Champion.

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