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How far fans of every Premier League club must travel next season


Click right to see which clubs’ fans have the longest distances to travel.

Football fans are known to be some of the most diehard people out there, with some supporters following their team all over the country for the entire season.

In the course of watching 19 away matches throughout England and Wales, fans are sure to get some serious miles under their belts.

So, for the 2017/18 Premier League campaign, which fans must travel the most to watch every away game their team plays?

Away Day Planner have created a calculator that allows fans of every Premier League club to see just how long the journey will be to play each opponent, and how much it will cost in fuel, based on distance from travelling team’s home stadium.

Using their data, we reveal how far a fan would travel if they watched all 19 away games this coming season, ranked from least to most miles travelled.

You can see the results by clicking the right arrow, above…

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